MEN's Committment to the Environment

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Medicision MEN's is committed to creating a business that is focussed on the environment and sustainability. That is why MEN's have strict policy and review process of the packaging and materials we use to maximize not only user experience but also work towards a sustainable environment. Medicision MEN's mail box and mailer are all from recycle and compostable materials. Even better, the mailer can be used TWICE !! You can find more information below and if you have suggestions on how we can refine our process we will love to hear from you. We are all planeteers !


Be a Hero


  • 100% home-compostable 

  • Double adhesive strip so your customers can re-use the bag.

  • Waterproof to keep shipments safe from rain

  • Australia: Home Compostable (AS5810) and Commercially Compostable (AS4736) 

  • International: Home Compostable (EN13432) and Commercially Compostable (EN13432)