Warning !! these highly tasty and addictive PEAK performance chocolate are the world's first. 


An energy and endurance boost to help you power through your day. Increase your explosive energy and endurance from high-quality dark chocolate (80% Cocoa) with the performance benefits of the Peak Active blend of effective sports supplements.


PS: Of course it is Vegan, has no gluten-containing or dairy products added, and its Keto friendly.

Active Energising Supplement formula

  • Creatine - Just what you need for big lifts!
  • BranchedChainAminoAcids – Helps with energy production.
  • NaturalCaffeine – The same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso!
  • HimalayanRockSalt – Helps to regulate key body functions.


Protein: 5g 
Carbs: 5g (<2g of sugar)
Fat: 8g (healthy fats from Cacao)

Peak Chocolate High Energy Dark Chocolate 60g Active