Our Pharmacy


Medicision MEN's is proud to partner with Synergy Compounding Pharmacy located in Sydney and we are 100% transparent and rigorous in where we source your medications.  

Every step of your journey with us is carefully considered and we give you peace of mind in knowing that your health and safety are our number one priority

Our strict laboratory, systems and communications protocols ensure that our compounded preparations are of the highest quality and standard – every time.

From your first point of contact with us to the delivery of your compounded medication or preparation, you can count on our compassion, guidance, and education every step of the way. This is our dedication to you.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is fit out with some of the most impressive technologies in the industry and is purpose built to comply with strict pharmaceutical and manufacturing standards.

The laboratory has been designed for a smooth workflow. This allows our people to work efficiently whilst adhering to the strictest laboratory and compounding protocols to produce customised medications and preparations of the highest quality and standard.


Fully Enclosed Compounding Laboratory.
To ensure public safety and facilitate temperature and humidity control inside the laboratory.


Temperature and Humidity Control.
This is a separate system inside our laboratory to ensure safe storage of raw ingredients and completed preparations.


Strict Hygiene Protocol.
Pharmacists and technicians are outfitted in scrubs, hairnets, facemasks, safety glasses, gloves, and shoe covers, before entry into the laboratory. Hands are washed and gloves are changed in between making each customised medication or preparation.


PK Compounding Software.
This is an indispensable part of our compounding protocol. Every single detail about every single ingredient used in every single compounded preparation is scanned, tracked, and recorded for quality control and safety assurance.


TWO Powder Containment Hoods.
One hood for processing hazardous chemicals (e.g. in hormone preparations);
One hood for processing non-hazardous chemicals (e.g. in nutritional supplements)


How many hoods do other compounding laboratories use?
Many laboratories use only one hood which means that the SAME hood is used for processing both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.

We use this to mix creams, lotions, and suspensions by rotating the holding container to produce a final preparation that is homogenised and deaerated for more precise dosing.


What do other compounding laboratories use?
Many laboratories mix creams, lotions, and suspensions with rods which causes a considerable amount of air to become entrapped in the final compounded preparation.


What does this mean?
Let us say that your doctor directed you to use 1mL of hormonal cream. If there is 20% aeration (air entrapment) of the cream, you will only be applying a true 0.8mL each time you measure 1mL.

Our Chief Pharmacist.

Mike graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2006.


Mike is a very caring, patient and approachable pharmacist with extensive experience working in both sterile, and non-sterile compounding pharmacy settings. He is intensely passionate about customised patient care and helping people become the best version of themselves.


Mike has two young children which keep him away from his basketball and golf. The rest of Mike’s time is spent nurturing and growing the third child that is Synergy Compounding Pharmacy so that it becomes a valuable member of community.