About MEN's.


Medicision’s two co-founders, Dr Joshua Chou & Prof Steven Bernardi are recognized leaders in medical research and healthcare respectively. Their passion and commitment is to offer Australians the world’s best healthcare and to improve our everyday lives. The Medicision executive team are all from medical/healthcare background to ensure the best practice and technology are made available to our clients. 

Since the two founders are both middle-aged men, they deeply understand that the current medical services lack an overall plan for male health. Therefore, they established Medicision MEN's as the first company in Australia to provide healthcare services for Chinese men. Through our platform, users only need to fill out an online questionnaire to anonymously consult common health problems, including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, herpes virus infection and mental health. These questionnaires will be evaluated by our dedicated Australian certified doctor

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Furthermore, we believe health goes beyond just medical conditions. Living healthy starts at the home and that is why we have partnered with a number of Australia's leading providers to provide genetic screening, nutritionists, fitness centres and skincare products to bring you the best health and wellness products. MEN's platform is to provide you with the support services that no other healthcare services can provide you. 

Know MEN's Partners.


Synergy Compound Pharmacy


We feel it is important for our customers to know where their prescriptions are coming from. We have partnered with Sydney's leading compound pharmacy to deliver the best in quality and affordability medications. The medication we prescribed are directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturers  or compounded by the highest quality and standard chemicals and materials. Our chief pharmacist, Mike Yang, have over 20 years experience in pharmaceutics and bring his positive attitude and team to deliver on your prescriptions. So you can rest assure where your prescription is coming from and feel free to drop into our pharmacy and say hi to mike.

Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab was born from a frustration with the uninspired, chemical-intensive, highly synthetic formulas which have pervaded the skincare market for too long. You should not have to compromise quality, safety or experience to lead a healthy lifestyle.

By uniting the traditional skincare experience with the high quality, natural, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today’s market, Hunter Lab provides skincare solutions which set the benchmark for both men and women interested in healthy living

Each skin health tool remedies a unique skincare need, compliments our busy lifestyles, and adds modern inspired design, provocative textures and hard working simplicity into the daily ritual

Hunter Lab does not use nasty synthetics with a history of causing skin sensitivities, or worse, and does not test any product or ingredient on animals