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Why Medicision MEN’s?

Our team are all from world-renowned medical and healthcare institutions including Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School. What this means is that we are well-informed on the types of processes, services and products that are evidence-based and our intention is to help you better your health. We ain't a bunch of blokes who just came around one day and thought this was a great idea. The Medicision MEN's team are passionate that what we offer our users are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

How much does it cost?

Thought you never ask. We believe we are the most competittive men's platform on the Australian market BUT that doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. On the contrary. Our medications are direct from the manufacturers and we carry the branded products including Viagra and Cialis as opposed to generic. Check out below our price comparision chart with other similar services. We believe MEN's health should be affordable and accessible. We dont' have any investors or on the stock market so we have no obligation to any stake or shareholders except for you so we can price ourselves competitively.

Do you charge shipping fees?

Shipping fees? What shipping fee? All deliveries are made through Australia Post Express Service and it's completely FREE. So you can get started on becoming healthier ASAP.

Who are Medicision MEN's doctors ?

All doctors consulting through Medicision Men’s are fully licensed Australian doctors. We run regular conferences with our doctors to ensure they are using the best available treatments and look for ways we can help improve their care.

Where does my medications come from?

All scripts are filled through Medicision MEN's partner Australian pharmacy. We are proud to be partnering with Sydney based Synergy Compounding Pharmacy due to their high standards of quality control.

Will I always be prescribed something?

When deciding on treatments, your doctor will prescribe based on suitability and safety. If you are deemed not suitable for treatments, no charges are made and you will receive a message from your doctor explaining why, and any subsequent advice they may have.

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