Executive Diagnostics

Medicision Men’s has a number of comprehensive health management programs designed to help you achieve your long term health goals. These include: health coaching, nutrition consultations, and personal training.

The health of you and your family is vital to your success and the best investment you can make – minimising absenteeism, maximising productivity, better attraction and retention. Medicision Men’s is dedicated to enhance the health, wellbeing and productivity of you through comprehensive health assessments and targeted lifestyle interventions.


General Diagnostics

Interview and Routine


Physical Examination



 Heart & Chronic Disease Screening
(inclusive of General Health Screening)

Cardiovascular / Stroke Screening

Kidney Health

Endocrine Health



Cancer Screening
(inclusive of General Health Screening)

Gastrointestinal health

Respiratory & Lung

Female Cancer Screen

Health Management Programs

Medicision Men’s has several professional and comprehensive.
Health management programs to help you achieve your health goals.
So you can be the better you. 

Health Coaching
Nutrition Consulting
Personal Training

Personalized Training Centre

Medicision Men’s x Emerge MMA has dedicated experts and training programs developed from years of experience in training and enhancing the performance of elite athletes and MMA fighters. Coupled with Our health and gene sequencing screening and combined with the latestIn digital health technologies, we will enhance your performance and health through our program. 


Healthy people are Happy people.

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